Week 6: David Gave Me a Cold

It was the week of Christmas…. AND IT SNOWED CHRISTMAS DAY!



I had the most insane week ever.

FIRST, Moeka San is asking her parents permission to be baptized 🙂

SECOND, We got a new investigator, Kobayashi San, and he is the sweetest ever!


holy cow Christmas and Christmas eve was sooooo fun. Christmas eve i was in the nativity set for the MTC. Truthfully it wasn’t that enjoyable, but its fun to say i could be apart of it! We also learned a new game and its the funniest thing ever. I’ll share the video with y’all. OH and we did a sister’s Christmas Eve tradition which i will also share a video below. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.




CHRISTMAS DAY! I talked with my wonderful family and it was amazing, and i love them, and I didn’t even cry!! But before that we had a special devotional with Dallin H. Oaks and his family. They all played instruments and it was amazing. It was a special spirit. Its so interesting to see how each apostle is different, but still so Christ like. Then later we had a MTC sacrament meeting with Dallin H. Oaks. That was so special. People were called on to speak in the crowd, I wanted to get called on but I didn’t, its all good, because those talks were so amazing.


shimaisWe had a district secret Santa, it was so fun and so full of love. Our district is full of 8 of the biggest personalities you could ever mix together, but some how we have finally gotten it to work. I do love them and what they have taught me.


Dionisio Shimai had me!! and I had Taase Choro!! hahaha SO FUN

We also watched Mr. Kruger’s Christmas and Music in the Spoken word… and to end the day….

DAVID ARCHULETA DID A MUSICAL DEVOTIONAL FOR US!!!! AND I GOT SHAKE HIS HAND! I also got a cold the next day. So i blame him for me being sick.


His devotional was amazing, he us one of the most humble people ive ever briefly met. He is very full of love, and love for God. It was such a neat experience i cant really explain words. So we aren’t allowed to take pictures…but i took just one of the program slide show.


I got my Kanji name tag!!!! Best ever. Except I’m not allowed to wear it till japan. Haha i have 3 Kanji in my name. It means “assistant tree”. There’s probably lots I’m forgetting…. but just know I’m doing very very well 🙂


Stay genki!



I’m excited to meet the people. I already love them, I don’t even know them, but I know that I already love them. It’s a feeling I can’t describe, but I know it’s a feeling that God wants me to have. I’m just so excited to meet real life people and investigators.





Week 5: Watashitachi wa lesu Kirisuto ga hitsuyo desu.

Ohayo Minasan!!! (probably spelt that really wrong…oh well)

FIRST! THANK YOU ALL for the emails you send me. They make me smile and always make my day. I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to respond to everyone individually. But please do know that I love them so much.

 I can’t really remember this week. I know I am happy. haha OH SO the piano guys came on sunday to perform and speak to us. HOW SICK. I realized that I have been blessed with the best MTC experience.
     -Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us on Thanksgiving
     -BYU Men’s chorus did a special devotional
     -Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to us last week. (EVERY missionaries dream to hear him speak directly to the MTC)
     -The Piano Guys did a devo last Sunday. I am so blessed.
It is just a phone call on Sunday. I will be calling at 3:15pm. That is the ONLY time I can call. So i need any phone number you have. I am going to call your cell phone first. Please answer. (lol i just have to say that so I don’t stress) I ONLY have 30 minutes to talk. I am excited!! I need to make a list of what I wanna tell y’all. Have a few questions for me! Haha, I can’t wait to speak Nihongo to everyone. It’s gonna be weird. I don’t know much, but when I speak to others who don’t know…I realize I know a LOT for someone who’s only been here for 6 weeks.
I love being a sister training leader. It allows me to love. A lot of love. And love it the best.
I don’t have much time as usual so I will just share my thoughts and special moments of this week.
Moeka San is still progressing and has agreed to repent!! So on Friday we are teaching her baptism and will be inviting her to baptism. I am excited for her. I love her so much.
I got called up to speak in Sacrament. Haha, it was all in Japanese and it was so choppy but all good!! The topic was “Kuiaratame ga taisetsu desu.” hahaha that’s a joke we have because everyone always says the same line. Translate it, if you wanna see…you probably won’t laugh but it’ll make me laugh.
Piano Guys came to devo and it was AMAZING. It was a special musical devotional and it just was so special. Our teacher said “YOU GUYS ARE SO SPOILED” and it’s true. Christmas time in the MTC is really a magical place. 100/100 recommend the MTC from November 16th-January 16.
Lets see….I don’t really know what else to say. Honestly everyday I just study Japanese. So sometimes not much happens.
 OH!! I found sister Kaopua. We met at the water fountain in the Residence and were talking about my tongan shirt. haha I didn’t realize it was her and we were talking about where we’re from and stuff and i was like ‘WAIT I KNOW YOU!!!!” And we realized our parents went to college together. I will send you a picture. We come say hi to each other down the hall every night. She is so sweet. I love those kinds of connections.
Oh! We had secret Santa today as a zone. SOO MUCH FUN.
Also tell grandma Jena thank you for her package. It was so sweet.
Sasaki Shimai ❤


Week 4: “Watashi wa shinko ga aru to omoimasu ka?”

Konnichiwa minasan!

Lots has happened. I will update!


  1. My Companion and I have been called as Sister Training Leaders for our zone. (Basically we are like the female versions of zone leaders.).image43week4b.jpg
  2. The rumor was true! Elder Holland spoke to us last night at devotional. I was four rows away. I was speechless, and cried the whole time. week4
  3. I auditioned for the Christmas choir and made it! I will be apart of the special choral group for the MTC Christmas Pageant.
  4. On Saturday makes a month being a missionary!


I have a story I’d like to share. There was lots that happened but this is the one that touched my heart the most.

On Saturday we taught the best lesson to Moeka San. She’s been praying and reading morumon sho and she is blossoming. We taught her faith this time. We used the faith is a like a little seed…if planted it will grow. Before that we had her read Aruma 32:21. And then explained the analogy. We need faith, pray, morumon sho, heavenly father and Jesus Christ. When we do those our faith grows. Then afterwards she said わたしわしんこうがあるとおもいますか。。。? Which mean….. “i think i have faith….” and for the life of us we could not understand what she was saying…but finally i felt the need to have her read Aruma 32:26 which is “Now, as I said concerning faith–that it was not a perfect knowledge–even so it is with my words. Ye cannot know of their surety at first, unto perfection, any more than faith is a perfect knowledge.”

She read it and the spirit flooded the room. She pondered it for five minutes. Reading some other verses. And she pondered speaking to herself. Resendes Shimai and I looked at each other and bore very simple testimonies after a minute of silence. We asked her if she could read Aruma 32 before our next lesson, and she said yes. She even said our closing prayer, asking sincerely about faith to heavenly father. We love her. So so much.

This is what its all about!! Inviting others to come unto Christ. This journey is sooooo hard. But Christ dying for us wasn’t either. Remember Him always especially in this beautiful season. Find ways to feel the spirit. Love one another. Charity suffereth long.


Stay Genki,





1.Tiana made it too!! Its weird thinking we were sitting in Mr.Kalama’s science class in 7th grade and now we’re in the MTC getting ready to serve in Nihon.


2. Anne is here!!! And shes in my zone and i love her.


3. Lol our first district pic. The Chorotachi are such hams. Love em


4. My doryō and I 🙂


5. Our shimaitachi in our zone 🙂


6. The chorotachi lovin Mom’s gifts. They said thank you!

Week 3: “The MTC is like a really, long day with naps in between”

image24Ohayo Gozaimasu Minasan!

 I ain’t a kohai anymore!! Today officially makes me a senpai!! We get new kohai today making me the older student and them the younger students. It’s weird knowing that eigo speakers are only here for 3 weeks and they’re gone. Ethan is gone! and I’m still here. haha Jealous but happy for all those entering the field today! The field is white already to harvest!
Tiana and Anne get here!!!!!!!!!! Tiana isn’t in my zone but daijobu (it’s okay), because Anne is! Regardless everyone going to Japan is very close. There aren’t many of us anyways. The weeks get harder because the language gets harder. I feel that spiritually I’m progressing so much and picking up promptings are becoming way easier. I love it. Always follow your promptings. You never know who you are going to help. Our promptings are truly never for us. It always benefits someone way more then we can even imagine. Like today we did sealings and ate breakfast in the cafeteria. I didn’t read your email this morning about my card, and that was what I was going to use to pay for my breakfast. But…when I got to the check out, someone had paid for ALL of our breakfasts so I didn’t have to use my card. Tender Mercies. It reminds me of D&C 84:80 “neither shall go hungry or athirst” ..when serving the Lord. Crazy blessings right?!
 Wow I can’t believe I’ve already finished 3 weeks at the MTC, starting up 4. When you’re so busy you forget what day it is. honestly.
Well everyone, every week is always a struggle. But a different struggle. I was really (still am) getting impatient with myself and picking up the language. We can’t read Japanese notes anymore in lessons and it is HARD. Japanese is so hard. But i know it’s only because of the spirit I’ve been able to learn so much already.  Trying to express your testimony in small amounts of words. But I’m proud of myself that I am able to have a simple conversation and teach the restoration to investigators. It’s so cool knowing that four weeks ago I could not do that. I want to know more but my brain can only handle so much. Baby steps. I can’t learn an entire language in four weeks.


I love everything about this place. So many miracles happen I can’t even explain. So many feelings I can’t explain. It’s like camp legacy on crack. It’s amazing. I’m really busy today.  Remember to always work hard. We can’t expect blessings without putting your shoulders to work. We are in a forward moving religon. Only Satan wants us to dwell on our past. Dont’ let him. OH! And #LightTheWorld 🙂

Stay Genki,
Sasaki Shimai ❤