Week 4: “Watashi wa shinko ga aru to omoimasu ka?”

Konnichiwa minasan!

Lots has happened. I will update!


  1. My Companion and I have been called as Sister Training Leaders for our zone. (Basically we are like the female versions of zone leaders.).image43week4b.jpg
  2. The rumor was true! Elder Holland spoke to us last night at devotional. I was four rows away. I was speechless, and cried the whole time. week4
  3. I auditioned for the Christmas choir and made it! I will be apart of the special choral group for the MTC Christmas Pageant.
  4. On Saturday makes a month being a missionary!


I have a story I’d like to share. There was lots that happened but this is the one that touched my heart the most.

On Saturday we taught the best lesson to Moeka San. She’s been praying and reading morumon sho and she is blossoming. We taught her faith this time. We used the faith is a like a little seed…if planted it will grow. Before that we had her read Aruma 32:21. And then explained the analogy. We need faith, pray, morumon sho, heavenly father and Jesus Christ. When we do those our faith grows. Then afterwards she said わたしわしんこうがあるとおもいますか。。。? Which mean….. “i think i have faith….” and for the life of us we could not understand what she was saying…but finally i felt the need to have her read Aruma 32:26 which is “Now, as I said concerning faith–that it was not a perfect knowledge–even so it is with my words. Ye cannot know of their surety at first, unto perfection, any more than faith is a perfect knowledge.”

She read it and the spirit flooded the room. She pondered it for five minutes. Reading some other verses. And she pondered speaking to herself. Resendes Shimai and I looked at each other and bore very simple testimonies after a minute of silence. We asked her if she could read Aruma 32 before our next lesson, and she said yes. She even said our closing prayer, asking sincerely about faith to heavenly father. We love her. So so much.

This is what its all about!! Inviting others to come unto Christ. This journey is sooooo hard. But Christ dying for us wasn’t either. Remember Him always especially in this beautiful season. Find ways to feel the spirit. Love one another. Charity suffereth long.


Stay Genki,





1.Tiana made it too!! Its weird thinking we were sitting in Mr.Kalama’s science class in 7th grade and now we’re in the MTC getting ready to serve in Nihon.


2. Anne is here!!! And shes in my zone and i love her.


3. Lol our first district pic. The Chorotachi are such hams. Love em


4. My doryō and I 🙂


5. Our shimaitachi in our zone 🙂


6. The chorotachi lovin Mom’s gifts. They said thank you!


One thought on “Week 4: “Watashi wa shinko ga aru to omoimasu ka?”

  1. Hey Sister Sasaki…Santa’s got a little somethin’ for ya!! (Don’t worry, I gave him your MTC address and info) Love you sweety!!


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