Week 5: Watashitachi wa lesu Kirisuto ga hitsuyo desu.

Ohayo Minasan!!! (probably spelt that really wrong…oh well)

FIRST! THANK YOU ALL for the emails you send me. They make me smile and always make my day. I’m sorry I don’t have enough time to respond to everyone individually. But please do know that I love them so much.

 I can’t really remember this week. I know I am happy. haha OH SO the piano guys came on sunday to perform and speak to us. HOW SICK. I realized that I have been blessed with the best MTC experience.
     -Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke to us on Thanksgiving
     -BYU Men’s chorus did a special devotional
     -Elder Jeffery R. Holland spoke to us last week. (EVERY missionaries dream to hear him speak directly to the MTC)
     -The Piano Guys did a devo last Sunday. I am so blessed.
It is just a phone call on Sunday. I will be calling at 3:15pm. That is the ONLY time I can call. So i need any phone number you have. I am going to call your cell phone first. Please answer. (lol i just have to say that so I don’t stress) I ONLY have 30 minutes to talk. I am excited!! I need to make a list of what I wanna tell y’all. Have a few questions for me! Haha, I can’t wait to speak Nihongo to everyone. It’s gonna be weird. I don’t know much, but when I speak to others who don’t know…I realize I know a LOT for someone who’s only been here for 6 weeks.
I love being a sister training leader. It allows me to love. A lot of love. And love it the best.
I don’t have much time as usual so I will just share my thoughts and special moments of this week.
Moeka San is still progressing and has agreed to repent!! So on Friday we are teaching her baptism and will be inviting her to baptism. I am excited for her. I love her so much.
I got called up to speak in Sacrament. Haha, it was all in Japanese and it was so choppy but all good!! The topic was “Kuiaratame ga taisetsu desu.” hahaha that’s a joke we have because everyone always says the same line. Translate it, if you wanna see…you probably won’t laugh but it’ll make me laugh.
Piano Guys came to devo and it was AMAZING. It was a special musical devotional and it just was so special. Our teacher said “YOU GUYS ARE SO SPOILED” and it’s true. Christmas time in the MTC is really a magical place. 100/100 recommend the MTC from November 16th-January 16.
Lets see….I don’t really know what else to say. Honestly everyday I just study Japanese. So sometimes not much happens.
 OH!! I found sister Kaopua. We met at the water fountain in the Residence and were talking about my tongan shirt. haha I didn’t realize it was her and we were talking about where we’re from and stuff and i was like ‘WAIT I KNOW YOU!!!!” And we realized our parents went to college together. I will send you a picture. We come say hi to each other down the hall every night. She is so sweet. I love those kinds of connections.
Oh! We had secret Santa today as a zone. SOO MUCH FUN.
Also tell grandma Jena thank you for her package. It was so sweet.
Sasaki Shimai ❤



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