Week 8: I can’t believe I’m done with the MTC.

This is has been a very busy week. Lots of studying and packing. We
gave our last lesson to Moeka San and it was a really good lesson. We
taught about after you are baptized you can go to the temple and how
you feel the spirit a lot there. It was so special. Even though they
are fake investigators, we are teaching real people.


I can’t believe I’m done with the MTC. I’ve grown so much and had so many experiences. I’m eternally grateful for my decision to serve. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. It’s weird to think that me, being a 19 year old girl,has left everything to learn about Christ and God 24 hours a day, and leaving my home country to tell people of this great gift about the Savior and what he can do for you.


日本に行ひつよがあります。 (I need to go to Japan)

I started the book of Mormon again in the MTC. I finished it a week
ago. I can testify that the book of Mormon is the word of God and that
it was made for the latter days. As someone in the  Millennial
generation we go through a lot of discrimination because our beliefs
are not contrary to the political correctness of this society. As
Jeffery R Holland said “be older and bolder!” The first gift we were
given is the Book of Mormon, and we need to use it more. It testifies
of  Christ, and the joy this gospel brings. Testify of THAT! Testify
that Jesus is the Christ and everything is possible because of that
simple truth. Mormons are not a cult, we are not a secret society, we
are normal people living high standards of God, and believe that WE
are truly children of God.

Sasaki Shimai



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