Week 9: Travel Day


January 16th, was travel day for Sasaki Shimai. She literally traveled for a day, poor girl. She reported to the Travel Office in the MTC by 4:50am. Then she and her group were put on a train headed up to SLC. While on the train she called mom at work. Mom and Leigh talked for a bit.

She checked in to the airport at SLC. Her group boarded their flight at around 9:40am and headed for SEA-TAC airport. While waiting for their flight, she was able to call the family again and talk for a bit. She is doing well, but so excited to be heading out to Japan. Seh said she wasn’t nervous about talking to people in a different language. The cold made her more nervous. After a 2 hour layover, they boarded again and got comfortable for their 10.5 hr flight.

They landed in Tokyo and had another 2 hour layover, then she and her companion along with another 4 elders in their group made their final flight up to Sapporo. I’m sure they were all exhausted after their long journey. The next evening we received a quick short email from Sasaki Shimai:


Hello Kazoku!!

I am in Japan, and I am good and this is the best place on earth. My first area is Sapporo and we get the University and this is the best. Okay time to go, I love you!!!!!!
Sasaki Shimai



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