Week 10: Currently verbing in Japan



missionhome2Japan is amazing and cold and beautiful and the best. My trainer
is Hannant Shimai and she is the cutest ever. We click so well. And
she is from Australia, and her Nihongo is amazing.


Twinning is winning.

Our area is Sapporo. It is called Shinkotoni and it is super cute!!
I had to bare my testimony in Sacrament. That was scary but awesome. A
lot of  grandmas. About 40 of us in our ward.


Oka Shimai attempting to make syrup.


Our zone this morning.


My first day in Sapporo my trainer a few days before found this girl
who is about 22 who wanted to come to Eikaiwa (English class that
missionaries teach) And she came my first day in Japan! So…we then
talked to her after class and realized she is fluent in English and
wanted to talk English with us. So the next day we went to dinner and
taught her in English about prayer and now we are going the snow
festival for another lesson. She is awesome and I can’t wait to see
how she progresses.


Eating cake a that the wife of one of the counselor’s gave us.

Anyways. There are miracles everyday, especially when you work
hard. We housed all week long and probably walked about 30 miles for
the whole week. We found more investigators as we housed for long
hours. Holy cow. God is everywhere.


Soup curry! We did about 4 hours of knocking on houses and almost forgot to eat dinner. So we decided to eat out.


Sapporo Temple!!

Time to go!Love y’all! Be obedient.
Stay genki✌🏼

Pray for miracles always.


One thought on “Week 10: Currently verbing in Japan

  1. Oh SIster Sasaki, you look & sound so happy! We can feel your awesome spirit all the way over here in New Zealand! Keep up the good work…keep walking…keep praying! We love you so much, sweety!!


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