Week 15: TRANSFER WEEK/Otaru

Transfer 1 is just about over….what??


I can’t believe how fast that went. Transfer 1 has been amazing. So many miracles have happened here in Shinkotoni. I can’t even explain how wonderful it has been! I have the best trainer, best area, and best investigators. And the mistakes in between? Just gotta embrace it. No one is perfect. We aren’t supposed to beπŸ˜‰

Last p-day we had zone activity and we got to do ESCAPE THE KOTONI CHAPEL! We have the best zone leaders. It was like an escape room, but missionary themed and such. Such a fun time.

beanshowerOh and had bean shower! Where they gave the new missionary food (me) haha so cute!! 16903556_10206965799698453_7190600221605451339_oTuesday we had zone conference! It was amazing! Amazing speakers! The only thing though, is that it’s all in Japanese so I have to get it translated. All our meetings are in Japanese. It’s a lil’ rough at first but it’s pretty cool to just be saturated in the culture.


Splits and Watermelon pan!

Wednesday we had splits! I went to Otaru again and got be with a Nihonjin companion.Β Β Β Β Β  IT WAS THE BEST!


We found a cute young family to teach while finding. And I got to speak so much Japanese. I’ve definitely improved but still so much to learn.


At a conference.

Thursday was bean training with our mission president. And everything else in between was missionary work. It was a super awesome week old dendo. Many miracles happened. Our less active is trying to quite smoking and so we committed her to read the Book of Mormon as well. As we did she was pretty hesitant. But one day we called her and she was super genki and said “hi! I’m going to stop smoking!! And I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon!” It was amazing to here the change in her voice. It brought me joy. She is struggling but she is pushing forward.


We had lots of appointments this past week. A lot happened and People are progressing. I have a lot to write but very little time, so I’m sorry I can’t share all my experiences with you.


Just know I’m happy, Shinkotoni is the best, and never give up on people. Because Christ doesn’t give up on us.πŸ’• love y’all!

Stay Genki,


Week 14: Hi Mom!

I love you!

leighI’m sorry I don’t have much time today. We had a zone activity.

leighnnaomiThis week was better. I got sick on Tuesday. It was hard not being able to dendo that day. We had a lot of appointments cancelled on us. This weekend was supposed to be a baptism for our investigator but she isn’t ready. Which I’m okay with. I rather have 1 baptism with someone truly converted.

My goal is to see people enjoy this gospel. I want people to see that it’s a blessing not a burden. If I can help even church members with that, I’ll feel satisfied with the work I did in Japan. I just want to see people loving the gospel more.

valentinesThank you for the package! It was the sweetest. You’re the best mom. I hope you know that.

Sasaki Shimai πŸ™‚

Week 13: ヒルヒン書 (Book of Mormon)

Weeks seem to go super super fast now! Haha, this one was pretty crazy. We went to Yuki Matsuri this week with an investigator. The sculptures are NUTS!



Haruka San, me, and Hannant Shimai at Yuki Matsuri!! (Snow festival with these crazy snow sculptures)



Pokemon! So cute!

Not too much time today to explain a lot, but do know we had many miracles pertaining to the Book of Mormon. I’m very grateful for the Book of Mormon and how it blesses each and everyone’s lives specifically and personally. Our investigator started reading the BOM for the first time. Another who is still struggling, accepted the BOM and started to read and will probably go to church this coming week, we have two potential investigators, and appointments with them this week, and a lot of referrals.


My first ramen in Japan! (So good btw)

I’m singing in sacrament meeting.Β  I’m very grateful I get to sing, because I can finally bare my testimony in a way that comes straight from my heart. No matter what language, music brings a special spirit, and I’m grateful Heavenly Father gave me that talent.


This is what happens when Hannant Shimai tries to make cookies for our investigator. LOL.

I have a testimony that in the Book of Mormon there is something for each person to read, to change their hearts, and turn to God in times of need. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that it was made for us in this generation, and that even when you are in the loneliest of hours, that book is waiting for you to turn the pages and receive comfort. It truly is the word of God. Love you all!

Stay Genki,



Week 12: “けっこです。” (you are indeed)

Good morning from Shinkotoni!


These past few days were long but also went by so fast. Not too much
happened, but that’s okay. I got rejected a lot,hahahaha it’s so funny because Nihonjin aren’t even rude compared to Americans. So I think it’s so funny how we get rejected. Some excuses are funny. One time this lady was like, “My bag is heavy, so no thanks”.

So, the bishop asked us to visit all the inactive sisters and that is what we have done. And also did a lot of housing. A lot of miracles happened. My companion and I had been praying to receive new investigators, we hadn’t seen much while housing and streeting. And one day during morning schedule we had received a referral! From another area. And then later the elders forwarder us 6 more referrals. And by the end of the night, we received another referral from another area and by the end of the day we had 8 new referrals to contact. Definitely blessings from Heavenly Father. And so grateful each day. We cannot wait to see what happens with them.


One more story…so on my second day in Japan we chose an area to house. We chose it, but we’re kind of disappointed in the amount of old men lived in this block. All of which were Buddhist. LOL, but our last house we went up to this lady…and she knew who we were.


Apparently, she had been baptized. And read the Book of Mormon. How cool right? But
she is inactive. The only thing she misses from the part of her life was when she was able to quit smoking tobacco. And a few days before we stopped by, she had thought of wanting to stop. And so we taught her a short lesson about how God loves her! And we came back this past week to help her stop smoking. Last Friday we went over to her house and taught a very very spirit filled lesson on the word of wisdom. We promised we will call her everyday, and she threw away all her tobacco products. We came back yesterday and had a member present lesson who also used to smoke and to bare her testimony about the word of wisdom. At the end of the lesson she threw away more tobacco products she bought, and prayed with us. And we made a game plan for her. It was amazing. How much the influence of the spirit can be on a person. We tried finding her records..and have yet to find them. But she is one of my favorite miracles so far!


I’m going to Yuki Matsuri with our investigator and member today! I’m excited, the festival is only this week, it’s free and I’m so excited.


Time to go, I love you all!!

Stay Genki,

Week 11: “I fear NO man!”


Holy cow today It’sΒ  P-Day…surprise! Ha ha, I got to go to the Sapporo
Temple today and do a session which is why P-day is today. Next week
it’ll be a normal p-day. πŸ™‚


Hannant Shimai and I outside the Sapporo Temple.


Tadokoro Shimai and I at the temple (future companions πŸ˜‰ )

I can’t believe how fast everything is going! This week we had a lot of meetings and such. Not as much dendo but still very uplifting. This week has been good and happy. It’s really easy to be discouraged all the time. But we just can’t be. Missionaries suffer so much. All the time we suffer. But it’s not about us. It’s about finding those eternal friends. I don’t know why I’m needed in Japan yet. But I know I’m here for a reason.


Kotoni Conference with Yamashita Choro.

Elder Yamashita of the Seventy came and spoke to us. He was amazing! And talked about how we need to set no limits for ourselves and make any goal obtainable. He knows Grandpa Ray!! It was way cool…because I didn’t have to introduce myself. He kinda knew everything about me alreadyπŸ˜‚ (I don’t know how…haha), but he is a wonderful person! I guess this week should be called grandpa week because there’s been a lot of people that know him.


Odori Zone Meeting

We also had zone conference, lots of more talk about goals and higher standards. We actually have a fairly small mission. There is only 32 sisters…wow out of all the sisters in the world, I got to be one of the 32 to serve in the Japan Sapporo Mission.


This transfers theme for my companionship is…: FEAR NO MAN! It’s easy to get very discouraged amongst a Buddhist community, no one really wants to hear about your religion centered around Jesus Christ….but there are people who have been waiting. Satan discourages us by not wanting to say anything to people, but from my new favorite story (Riccardi Letter) it says “if you wanna punch Satan in the face, the best way to do it is open your mouth!!” Ha ha it’s inspired me.


Tosaka San ALWAYS feeds us yummy stuff. Love our investigators!!

Right now we have one sister with a baptismal date in a couple weeks and another cute girl who is trying to make time for baptism because it is what she desires. It’s so great to see that God has prepared people to feel the spirit. And when we open our mouth, that is when the influence of the spirit can be at its greatest. Or not. Silence is important. But, you first need to open your mouth before we can get GOOD silence. πŸ™‚

Anyways! Time to go,

Stay Genki!



-I do! It’s so adorable. Apparently we have the biggest one.


-No they don’t. We have a fruits basket where we write what we want,
and they buy it and put it in the bin! That is how they feed us πŸ™‚ But
our investigator feeds us.



-mmmmm…..Karaage Chicken!! Or some kind of stir fry and veggies.


-my favorite thing? . . . is everything : )


-The temple by far. Inside is sooooo pretty and simple and just the sweetest spirit. The temple is so large, not a lot of people go. But I know it was made that huge for a reason. One day it will be a very, very busy place.

I’m very warm mom. So don’t worry. The ward members always ask me “Sasaki Shimai no Okaasan wa shinpai ga arimasu Ka?” We means does my mom have concerns about me? Ha ha ha, I tell them no. ” Watashi wa genki desu…Soshite…Okaasan wa genki desu.” If I’m happy and healthy…you’re happy and healthy πŸ™‚