Week 13: モルモン書 (Book of Mormon)

Weeks seem to go super super fast now! Haha, this one was pretty crazy. We went to Yuki Matsuri this week with an investigator. The sculptures are NUTS!



Haruka San, me, and Hannant Shimai at Yuki Matsuri!! (Snow festival with these crazy snow sculptures)



Pokemon! So cute!

Not too much time today to explain a lot, but do know we had many miracles pertaining to the Book of Mormon. I’m very grateful for the Book of Mormon and how it blesses each and everyone’s lives specifically and personally. Our investigator started reading the BOM for the first time. Another who is still struggling, accepted the BOM and started to read and will probably go to church this coming week, we have two potential investigators, and appointments with them this week, and a lot of referrals.


My first ramen in Japan! (So good btw)

I’m singing in sacrament meeting.  I’m very grateful I get to sing, because I can finally bare my testimony in a way that comes straight from my heart. No matter what language, music brings a special spirit, and I’m grateful Heavenly Father gave me that talent.


This is what happens when Hannant Shimai tries to make cookies for our investigator. LOL.

I have a testimony that in the Book of Mormon there is something for each person to read, to change their hearts, and turn to God in times of need. I know that the Book of Mormon is true, that it was made for us in this generation, and that even when you are in the loneliest of hours, that book is waiting for you to turn the pages and receive comfort. It truly is the word of God. Love you all!

Stay Genki,




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