Week 15: TRANSFER WEEK/Otaru

Transfer 1 is just about over….what??


I can’t believe how fast that went. Transfer 1 has been amazing. So many miracles have happened here in Shinkotoni. I can’t even explain how wonderful it has been! I have the best trainer, best area, and best investigators. And the mistakes in between? Just gotta embrace it. No one is perfect. We aren’t supposed to be😉

Last p-day we had zone activity and we got to do ESCAPE THE KOTONI CHAPEL! We have the best zone leaders. It was like an escape room, but missionary themed and such. Such a fun time.

beanshowerOh and had bean shower! Where they gave the new missionary food (me) haha so cute!! 16903556_10206965799698453_7190600221605451339_oTuesday we had zone conference! It was amazing! Amazing speakers! The only thing though, is that it’s all in Japanese so I have to get it translated. All our meetings are in Japanese. It’s a lil’ rough at first but it’s pretty cool to just be saturated in the culture.


Splits and Watermelon pan!

Wednesday we had splits! I went to Otaru again and got be with a Nihonjin companion.      IT WAS THE BEST!


We found a cute young family to teach while finding. And I got to speak so much Japanese. I’ve definitely improved but still so much to learn.


At a conference.

Thursday was bean training with our mission president. And everything else in between was missionary work. It was a super awesome week old dendo. Many miracles happened. Our less active is trying to quite smoking and so we committed her to read the Book of Mormon as well. As we did she was pretty hesitant. But one day we called her and she was super genki and said “hi! I’m going to stop smoking!! And I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon!” It was amazing to here the change in her voice. It brought me joy. She is struggling but she is pushing forward.


We had lots of appointments this past week. A lot happened and People are progressing. I have a lot to write but very little time, so I’m sorry I can’t share all my experiences with you.


Just know I’m happy, Shinkotoni is the best, and never give up on people. Because Christ doesn’t give up on us.💕 love y’all!

Stay Genki,


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