Week 19: To Atsubetsu and beyond!

HELLO! let me tell y’all about this fantastic week.


Arnold Shimai and I in ATSUBETSU! ごめんね。ちょっとねむいみたい。💁🏻(taken at 5am)

Language Update: haha I’m still dying but I’m surviving. i realized I’m understanding a lot more than i can speak back. but it’s good. I’ve never spoken more Japanese in my life until this week…CRaZINESS. It helps for sure to have a Nihonjin companion.

Weather Update: it was getting warmer and everything was melting..and then it DUMPED snow for two days straight. Now its melting again. I just want spring. hah!


🐰 “Sasaki Shimai you look like a bunny.” Can you see the
resemblance? I can’t. Haha

Week Update: SPLITS. This week I split with Kaizaki Shimai and Arnold Shimai and had a BLASTTTT. Kaizaki Shimai is legit. She is so good at photography and that made me so happy. I spoke Japanese for 24 hours straight. wooo! it was definitely rough but it was a miracle that it happened. We stayed in Kotoni and had a lunch appointment with this cute member from my ward, and she was just the cutest. Loved every second! Learned so much from Kaizaki Shimai. She’s amazing. Arnold Shimai! I went to Atsubetsu for this split and had the best time. I spoke English for a whole day…(wait, what?!) Yeah English will never be the same…anyways! SO MANY MIRACLES, in such a small time. We found a new investigator while housing, gave her a Book of Mormon, and the Atsubetsu Shimai are going back again to teach her! she was so happy to receive a Book of Mormon. It made me happy, that even strangers can appreciate this gift from God. We also found another lady while housing that actually took lessons before, believes the Book of Mormon is true, wanted to get baptized, but her husband was very against it, so she cut off contact with missionaries. So when we found her she had a big smile on her face, and told us that when she passes away, she knows she’ll be able to receive baptism there through the temple ordinances here on earth. Wow…how crazy. she has such a strong testimony, for someone who isn’t even baptized. It made my testimony grow as well.


Kazaki Shimai and I at our lunch appointment 🙂

Spiritual Update: I’ve been pondering a lot about my weakness. What I can’t do. Why i was sent to this crazy big area, with all these investigators. I’ve felt like i can’t keep up, and that this ward deserves a better missionary who speaks better Japanese than me. but i talked about it to my mission president. and told me that God sent me here, with my companion for a reason. I shouldn’t doubt God’s will. I also realized without these weaknesses, the things that are my strengths wouldn’t be strengths. we need weaknesses to appreciate what we have, and magnify those gifts.

“My strength is made perfect in weakness,”. “Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me” (2 Corinthians 12:9).     Remember to always appreciate what you CAN do. And what you WILL do. And God and the atonement of our Savior will always fill in all those pieces missing and so so much more.


Haha because why not?!

I love you ALL! Thank you for your sweet emails. i love reading every single one of them. it really makes me feel better throughout the week, so thank you for that love and support. 🙂

Sister Sasaki ❤️🇯🇵


Week 18: 4 months . . . . WHAT?!!


How are y’all??


Because selfies

Truthfully this week was quite long. Japanese is very hard. Right now I have a Japanese trainer. Sometimes I wish I could speak better Japanese for her, so I can be able to do more. But as my first trainer always told me “you know as much Japanese as God needs you to know right now.” So I must continue to be patient with myself.


A member took us to eat yummy Korean food.

This week I had many tender mercies! This past Thursday made my 4 month mark as a missionary!! And 2 months in Japan! What a happy time 🙂


Sweet message.

That day my trainer gave me yummy mochi (MY FAV) and a cute card in English!! She’s so sweet. And my old trainer sent me a cute text message as well 🙂


The sister who wanted me to wear a kimono . . . . Ta-Daaa!

We also visited a part member family and ate chocolate fondue, and then….I got to put on a Kimono!!! So special. This kimono is a special one that only people wear after marriage.
Haha well, yeah that didn’t happen with me, but we won’t tell anyone…shh haha also the sweet Willow Canyon Ward Activity Day girls sent me a bunch of letters. I loved them!! So sweet!! Thank you!

Sugimoto Kyōdai! He just got back from the Sendai mission. We had
pizza with his family.

Members love to feed us. They are so sweet. This ward is really so full of love. Always wanting to help with missionary work. Yesterday while we were housing we actually found a new investigator!! We decided to house this cute pink apartment and at the top was a sweet old lady. She turned out to have already taken the lessons a long time ago, wanted to be baptized, but couldn’t because her husband said no. But now her husband passed away, and she wants to take the lessons again. We are going back next week to see her! And guess what…her name is Sasaki San!!😉 I can’t wait to see her again.

I hope you week is well, and your Sabbath was spiritually filling!
Much love to all of you! 💕

Stay Genki!
Sasaki Shimai💕

Week 17: Good Morning!!


How was your week everyone??

This week went by fast! A lot happened.
We had an appointments everyday this week. We were fed by ward members three times this week as well. This area has a crazy amount of love, and I’m so grateful for it. But seriously, I’d never been so exhausted before. So much has happened it’s all kind of a blur.


This sums up this week. Cold and physically exhausting from the many miracles we saw this week. (Definitely not a bad thing).

This Sunday I’m singing again in sacrament with a couple other missionaries. I’m always singing here. I love it!

I will share one of the miracles we had this week…its small but it shows how mindful Heavenly Father is of each and everyone of us. We were trying to decide whether or not to drop an old investigator because Koyama Shimai and her companion last transfer couldn’t meet with her at all. So we decided that if we can’t see her today we’re going to drop her. We prayed and left. So we go to her house and she was there! CRAZY! And she told us she has been super busy with High School but she actually wants to meet with missionaries again. Happy day! We knew from that experience that Heavenly Father didn’t want us to give up on her. So we decided not to. Always look for the small miracles! The small ones are how we see God’s tenderness towards His children.

My Favorite Spiritual Message of the Week:
“God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there.” -President Thomas S. Monson


My new ward’s missionary board! Japan is so cute!

Don’t ever give up on God. He will always take care of you.

Anyways, I gotta get going. I’m eating soup curry for lunch. SO EXCITED. Soup curry is special to Hokkaido. Probably one of my favorite things here.


Stay Genki!

P.s.This week makes 4 months gone…say what?!

Week 16: こんいちは!元気 (Hello. How are you?)

HOLY COW. This week was nuts, here in Hokkaido.

For starters I got my very first transfer call, and needless to say, it was a lot crazier than it was to be expected. The normal training goes in for 12 weeks, with the same companion, in the same area, and then after 12 weeks you get a new companion in your area you’ve been in, or in some cases you leave to a new area.

Let’s just say mine didn’t go like that.

I got my transfer call. (All in Japanese, so I kinda understood what was being said but not completely) And the AP said that I was transferring. And at first in my brain I was like “wait did I hear that correctly?” And apparently I did. He said I was leaving Hannant Shimai for another trainer in a brand new area.



I am now in KOTONI! With…KOYAMA SHIMAI! I also now have a Nihonjin trainer. She is so cute, and from Tokyo! I LOVE HER! I speak a lot of Japanese now. It’s really difficult but is very worth it. I definitely miss Shinkotoni. But I’m grateful to be in a place where God needs me to be in.

The Kotoni ward is MASSIVE. It’s like an American sized ward. Very not used to that. Shinkotoni was so small and cute, but here in Kotoni it’s just HUGE! The missionary work Fire is amazing. The ward mission leader, Bro. Nakamura actually served in Fukuoka while grandpa was mission president! So that was a fun surprise. Haha



Tengu Yama Museum (so creepy)

That is my update for everyone! I’m sorry I don’t have too much this I’m learning this new area and trying to figure out who is who. But know it’s great! Missionary work is THE BEST.
Always try and serve someone selflessly, it will bring a much greater joy than you could ever imagine.