Week 18: 4 months . . . . WHAT?!!


How are y’all??


Because selfies

Truthfully this week was quite long. Japanese is very hard. Right now I have a Japanese trainer. Sometimes I wish I could speak better Japanese for her, so I can be able to do more. But as my first trainer always told me “you know as much Japanese as God needs you to know right now.” So I must continue to be patient with myself.


A member took us to eat yummy Korean food.

This week I had many tender mercies! This past Thursday made my 4 month mark as a missionary!! And 2 months in Japan! What a happy time 🙂


Sweet message.

That day my trainer gave me yummy mochi (MY FAV) and a cute card in English!! She’s so sweet. And my old trainer sent me a cute text message as well 🙂


The sister who wanted me to wear a kimono . . . . Ta-Daaa!

We also visited a part member family and ate chocolate fondue, and then….I got to put on a Kimono!!! So special. This kimono is a special one that only people wear after marriage.
Haha well, yeah that didn’t happen with me, but we won’t tell anyone…shh haha also the sweet Willow Canyon Ward Activity Day girls sent me a bunch of letters. I loved them!! So sweet!! Thank you!

Sugimoto Kyōdai! He just got back from the Sendai mission. We had
pizza with his family.

Members love to feed us. They are so sweet. This ward is really so full of love. Always wanting to help with missionary work. Yesterday while we were housing we actually found a new investigator!! We decided to house this cute pink apartment and at the top was a sweet old lady. She turned out to have already taken the lessons a long time ago, wanted to be baptized, but couldn’t because her husband said no. But now her husband passed away, and she wants to take the lessons again. We are going back next week to see her! And guess what…her name is Sasaki San!!😉 I can’t wait to see her again.

I hope you week is well, and your Sabbath was spiritually filling!
Much love to all of you! 💕

Stay Genki!
Sasaki Shimai💕


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