Still No Sakura



I love the English on the introductory paper. “Heat Warning Scripture”

Language: yeah still don’t know what goes on at church, but sometimes I have a gist of what’s happening. Gift of tongues is also the gift of patience. 笑う!just gotta keep going.


This is the street cart that all of our money goes into.(not bitter
or anything)

Area: I love the city!! There’s a lot of potential, and it’s a lot of fun to help it grow. We don’t really have Investigators right now so it’s a lot of finding. And finding, and finding…lol but there have been lots of tender mercies in our lives as we try to find new people. One of them was as we were walking near a the famous clock tower and
some women recognized us! And she was so happy to see us. It was so much nicer rather then people telling us that Jesus is bad. Heavenly Father is truly mindful of His children.


The bishop’s FHE we gave a spiritual message at!

Spiritual: Wow! This transfer I decided that I would study preach my gospel from cover to cover. And it has been a really amazing experience. Right now I am in the chapter about studying and how we can make study time a more sacred experience. I’m really grateful for study time and the revelation we able to receive through it. When you study with intent we learn so much more and the spirit is able to teach us more because we are willing and seeking the words of God. I invite you all to set apart an hour of your day to meditate, study God’s word, and take time to take care of your spirit. Just like we need exercise everyday we also need spiritual exercise everyday to be more conditioned to the promptings of the spirit. I’m truly grateful for this mission I’m serving, the people I’m loving, and the hard stuff in between.


Sometimes your Tahitian/Tongan bestie surprises you in the ward
your serving in???(but also really a tender mercy)

Have a wonderful weeek! Love y’all!

Stay Genki,
Sister Sasaki🌸

P.S. Still no cherry blossoms, I’m “patiently waiting.


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