Week 26: Elder Oaks, Transfer 4, and 6 MISSIONARIES WHAT?!


It is now transfer four!! I have a nihonjin companion again!


District Lunch

I’m gonna be short this week,  but know that it’s been amazing seeing Elder Oaks, and the whole entire mission!! So much more has happened. He said that we are in a really hard mission, but he knows we try really hard and he was proud of us. And that this mission has a warm feeling to it. It was really so nice.


Moiwa missionaries (minus 2).


Kids Eikaiwa

Moiwa is super awesome and I’m sad this transfer is only 3 weeks. But really it’s been a wonderful time. 🙂


Hannant Shimai HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I saw Hannant Shimai!! She leaves in two weeks, ahhhhh!! Crazy. I’m so busy today! But just know I love you and next week I promise there will be more.



Week 25: Wait . . . transfer 3 is over?

Hello! I knows it’s been a little while. I’m sorry everyone… but how was your week?! I hope it was good. Mine was uhm…nonetheless interesting of course!

Our district pic (Best district eeeevrrrrr)

So this past week I got really sick. It’s probably the worst cold I’ve ever had in my life. And I also got my companion sick(ごめんね)!So we had to stay inside a lot to prevent disease. Lol. But I still learned a lot!

Yesterday we got our transfer calls! And of course I am….NOT TRANSFERRING!! First time I’ve heard that before. Crazy right?! Haha but this transfer will only be 3 weeks because our mission president is leaving in July and a whole bunch of craziness is happening between now and then. So, yes. Haha my new companion will be…SHIMADA SHIMAI! I have another Nihonjin comp! I’m so excited!! But I am also really sad Watabe Shimai will be going. We had many many funny memories here in Moiwa but I’m sure she will be amazing wherever she goes!

My beautiful area.

This past transfer I thought a LOT about who I really was as a missionary…what kind of rep I have…and different questions like…”am I a baptizing missionary? ….will my Japanese always suck? How come I don’t have big miracles like other missionaries have? ” But then I realized I was getting swallowed up in my pride and started comparing myself with others and others expectations of me. I found a quote in Preach my Gospel that kind of opened my eyes more. “If you lower your expectations, your effectiveness will decrease, your desire will weaken, and you will have greater difficulty following the spirit.” From that I learned….woah. I’m doing that to myself. I’m expecting the least out of myself instead of focusing on the bigger picture. And I had a moment where I had to reevaluate myself and remind me that I AM a representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I can’t expect anything but my very best to these people of Hokkaido that I’m serving.
 I love my calling! And love all of you!
Stay Genki,
Sister Sasaki🌸

3. 私は末日聖徒イエス・キリスト教会の背教師です。❤️

Week 24: Sakura and more.

**Mom’s Post**

There was no email today, but she did share lots of pictures. I will share a story that she shared with us on her Mother’s Day call. Hopefully, I remember it correctly. lol


More sakura!

Sasaki Shimai and her companion went to help an investigator clean her apartment. Before they left, they gave her a Book of Mormon and challenged her to read it. They followed up with her and found that she had not read it yet. So they challenged her again. She said she would read it.


Tag picture.

Sasaki and Watabe Shimai went back on Saturday to see how this investigator was doing. When she opened the door, the investigator was there, with a visitor. They told her that they didn’t want to bother her and would come back later to see her.


Sasaki and Watabe Shimai.

The investigator quickly said, no. Please come in. And then kicked out her visitor, a man. After he left, the investigator explained that she was so happy and thankful that they had come to visit her. That she was happy to kick that man out because all he did was drink and smoke.


Wet ninjas

She explained that she wanted to change her life and didn’t want that kind of life any more. She had started to read the Book of Mormon as well. Sasaki Shimai and Watabe Shimai were super happy and excited about this miracle. There aren’t a lot of investigators in her area right now, so it was truly a miracle.


Happy Mother’s Day!!

**Mom’s post**

We waited all day for her call. It was set for Mother’s Day here in AZ at 5:40pm. She said that because of there being Stake Conference, if they would have called on Mother’s Day in Japan, it would have been 3am here. LOL!


The whole family was there. We even had Grandma and Grandpa Sasaki Facetimed in as well. It was so fun to see and hear Sasaki Shimai talk about her mission. She was very happy. We asked her what her favorite thing about being in Japan. She said it was the people. She said they are very humble people. We asked her what she eats there. Her response was, ” a lot of rice, with egg.” She explained that they cook the rice and while its hot, they crack a raw egg in it and stir it up. Her grandpa suggested putting shoyu (soy sauce) on it.


She says the weather is very windy now, which makes it hard to bike in. I asked if there was anything she was in need of right now. She said no. Her companion was there and we were able to say hi. She chatted with Grandma and Grandpa for a bit in Japanese. Grandma said her Japanese accent was very good. We did record a little of her introducing herself and telling all about herself in Japanese. It was impressive to hear. She says the language is coming along, but her companion says she speaks Japanese very well and that Leigh is being modest.

She was excited about Tyler being called to Tonga. She gave her brother advice about his mission. She said, “Remember, everything that happens on your mission is a miracle, even if someone happens to give you bread that day.”


She ended the call with sharing a recent miracle that she experienced. She may share it in her P-Day email, but the kids seemed to enjoy listening to the couple stories she shared.

We of course had to get our family picture with her! Happy Mother’s Day!

Week 24: Golden Week . . . not too Golden.


Wow this week rough, but also it was good!

So for starters we had many many problems with different things, but I’m alive!! Because this week was hard, I’m going to just give y’all the miracles that happened:


YAY! Moiwa missionaries!!

1. SAKURA IS HERE!!! I’m very happy, there’s green and pink and it’s
all happy and stuff now here in the downtown of Sapporo.
2. We got 2 new investigators! It was truly a miracle.
3. We have appointments everyday this week!! Also a miracle!!
4. My current STL was my second trainer Koyama Shimai and I was able to go on splits with her this past week! I also got to go back to Kotoni which was my second bean area. It was a very nice 24 hours.


The cutest sister in our ward. WE LOVE HER!

More has happened but I’d just like to explain that Heavenly Father gives trials to us to grow. To show us what weaknesses we have. It’s truly a blessing in disguise. Even though in the moment we feel like everything is falling apart, the picture is much grander than we could ever see.


Odori Zone Conference


I’m grateful for this mission everyday. I’m grateful to be called as a personal representative of our Lord Jesus Christ. This calling is so hard because what Christ did was even harder. So much more we could never truly understand the depth of it. The mission is only scratching the surface of that pain He felt. But everyday I learn more and more about how great God’s plan of happiness truly is. I love you all!!

Sister Sasaki


Week 23: Miracle of the Week.



When the church members are confused because we have kanji tags and we can’t speak Japanese. . . . . haha.



Last P-Day,! We went to the Sapporo Chocolate Factory!

Hello I’m gonna share my miracles of the week…..
WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR…so long story short. She met the missionaries a long time ago. Then haven’t met with them in forever then called us because she knew the missionaries would always help. We helped her clean her house, and then we shared the message of the restoration to her. The spirit was so strong and she willingly accepted our message to pray to feel God’s love and to know our message is true. We will follow up soon, but I’d never seen anyone so willing to accept our commitments. That is seriously one of the best feelings ever.


MATSURIYA!! WE LOVE SUSHI and soft cream.


Me and Sister Watanabe went on splits in Moiwa.


More of the Chocolate Factory with one of my fav humans . . . Sister Arnold.

There are so many little miracles everyday. We just have to try and look. This week I received a priesthood blessing and I was reminded about how much our Heavenly Father and our Savior love us individually. I testify that He loves us. He always wants us to feel that love.

This month I’ll be gone for 6 months already and it feels so unreal. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. May 16th….I’ll be a third of my mission done. I wouldn’t trade my mission for anything. It’s probably the best decision I could’ve ever made. My testimony has grow so much in such a short amount of time. If there’s anything I’ve learned the most, it’s that I’ve been changed for the better.



We went on a hike today!

In my mission particularly there are not a lot of baptisms. On average there’s only about 3 baptisms a month. And it’s really easy to feel like you’re wasting God’s time. But really…our work is much greater then we think. We each have a purpose and gifts to bring. And this week I learned that my spiritual gift is to love the people. I’ve seen that as you love the members and share your testimony to them, they realize that missionary work is more then housing and knocking on doors, it’s to share the gospel with their loved ones.

I love you all!!

Sister Sasaki