Week 23: Miracle of the Week.



When the church members are confused because we have kanji tags and we can’t speak Japanese. . . . . haha.



Last P-Day,! We went to the Sapporo Chocolate Factory!

Hello I’m gonna share my miracles of the week…..
WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR…so long story short. She met the missionaries a long time ago. Then haven’t met with them in forever then called us because she knew the missionaries would always help. We helped her clean her house, and then we shared the message of the restoration to her. The spirit was so strong and she willingly accepted our message to pray to feel God’s love and to know our message is true. We will follow up soon, but I’d never seen anyone so willing to accept our commitments. That is seriously one of the best feelings ever.


MATSURIYA!! WE LOVE SUSHI and soft cream.


Me and Sister Watanabe went on splits in Moiwa.


More of the Chocolate Factory with one of my fav humans . . . Sister Arnold.

There are so many little miracles everyday. We just have to try and look. This week I received a priesthood blessing and I was reminded about how much our Heavenly Father and our Savior love us individually. I testify that He loves us. He always wants us to feel that love.

This month I’ll be gone for 6 months already and it feels so unreal. I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. May 16th….I’ll be a third of my mission done. I wouldn’t trade my mission for anything. It’s probably the best decision I could’ve ever made. My testimony has grow so much in such a short amount of time. If there’s anything I’ve learned the most, it’s that I’ve been changed for the better.



We went on a hike today!

In my mission particularly there are not a lot of baptisms. On average there’s only about 3 baptisms a month. And it’s really easy to feel like you’re wasting God’s time. But really…our work is much greater then we think. We each have a purpose and gifts to bring. And this week I learned that my spiritual gift is to love the people. I’ve seen that as you love the members and share your testimony to them, they realize that missionary work is more then housing and knocking on doors, it’s to share the gospel with their loved ones.

I love you all!!

Sister Sasaki


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