Happy Mother’s Day!!

**Mom’s post**

We waited all day for her call. It was set for Mother’s Day here in AZ at 5:40pm. She said that because of there being Stake Conference, if they would have called on Mother’s Day in Japan, it would have been 3am here. LOL!


The whole family was there. We even had Grandma and Grandpa Sasaki Facetimed in as well. It was so fun to see and hear Sasaki Shimai talk about her mission. She was very happy. We asked her what her favorite thing about being in Japan. She said it was the people. She said they are very humble people. We asked her what she eats there. Her response was, ” a lot of rice, with egg.” She explained that they cook the rice and while its hot, they crack a raw egg in it and stir it up. Her grandpa suggested putting shoyu (soy sauce) on it.


She says the weather is very windy now, which makes it hard to bike in. I asked if there was anything she was in need of right now. She said no. Her companion was there and we were able to say hi. She chatted with Grandma and Grandpa for a bit in Japanese. Grandma said her Japanese accent was very good. We did record a little of her introducing herself and telling all about herself in Japanese. It was impressive to hear. She says the language is coming along, but her companion says she speaks Japanese very well and that Leigh is being modest.

She was excited about Tyler being called to Tonga. She gave her brother advice about his mission. She said, “Remember, everything that happens on your mission is a miracle, even if someone happens to give you bread that day.”


She ended the call with sharing a recent miracle that she experienced. She may share it in her P-Day email, but the kids seemed to enjoy listening to the couple stories she shared.

We of course had to get our family picture with her! Happy Mother’s Day!


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