Week 24: Sakura and more.

**Mom’s Post**

There was no email today, but she did share lots of pictures. I will share a story that she shared with us on her Mother’s Day call. Hopefully, I remember it correctly. lol


More sakura!

Sasaki Shimai and her companion went to help an investigator clean her apartment. Before they left, they gave her a Book of Mormon and challenged her to read it. They followed up with her and found that she had not read it yet. So they challenged her again. She said she would read it.


Tag picture.

Sasaki and Watabe Shimai went back on Saturday to see how this investigator was doing. When she opened the door, the investigator was there, with a visitor. They told her that they didn’t want to bother her and would come back later to see her.


Sasaki and Watabe Shimai.

The investigator quickly said, no. Please come in. And then kicked out her visitor, a man. After he left, the investigator explained that she was so happy and thankful that they had come to visit her. That she was happy to kick that man out because all he did was drink and smoke.


Wet ninjas

She explained that she wanted to change her life and didn’t want that kind of life any more. She had started to read the Book of Mormon as well. Sasaki Shimai and Watabe Shimai were super happy and excited about this miracle. There aren’t a lot of investigators in her area right now, so it was truly a miracle.



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