Week 28: Transfer 4 is over . . .


At the Koyama Kazoku’s dinner!! SO fun! A temple missionary couple came too. (And gave my comp and I chips and salsa….BLESSED) 

And yes this transfer was extra short. Our mission president is leaving soon and lots of crazy fun things are happening for this transfer was only 3 weeks. I really hope I stay in Moiwa because it has been CRAZY AMAZING lately.
At the beginning of this transfer my comp and I looked at each other and were like “oh my goodness where do we start!?” Our area book deleted ALL our investigators addresses and a whole bunch of other stuff happened but it’s okay. We made a goal to do “6 weeks of work in 3 weeks time”

The Elder’s Good Samaritan skit for the pancake party

And we did SO much! I’m grateful for my companions example to me. I love her so much. This week was crazy!! We had a pancake party and made a BAPTISMAL DATE!! Ahhhh!! We have this investigator who really wants to change her life and make a new person out of herself. She’s crazy but I love her to pieces!! We’ve done a lot of finding and working with less active members. This transfer Id been able to witness a reactivation of a sister in the Moiwa ward that I love so much. At the beginning of last transfer she wouldn’t come to church or be involved with the members. But now she comes to church every week and stays for all 3 hours. Never give up on people!! Because of Christ’s atonement we all have an infinite amount of chances to become the person God knows what can be.

Our kind messages to each other…TEAM MOIWA. (Aka best area/district ever)

One of my new favorite quotes is by President Thomas S. Monson  “You can’t be right by doing wrong; you can’t be wrong by doing right”. Always be found doing the right thing!!
I love y’all!! 
Stay Genki, 
Sister Sasaki

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