Week 29: Transfer 5 (あぶない)



Ha ha, guess what everyone, I transferred. Again. To Hakodate. I have finally left the 愛するOdori Zone and on to bigger and greener things! Moiwa was the best, but God needs me somewhere else. This is now my fourth area.



Well this week was transfers. Took a 6 hour bus to Hakodate because it’s the most southern part of Hokkaido. I love Hakodate. It is a beach city and it feels like I’m back In Hawaii. Salty smells and onigiris. I’m a happy person. And everything is SO GREEN. And my companion is WOMACK SHIMAI! It’s a party.



So some miracles that happened this week:
-Met a Chinese girl who speaks English while streeting. She’s met missionaries before. It was so cool.
-Made a baptismal date with the cutest mom. She cried as we showed her a “because of Him” video. The power of the atonement is real. I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. And now she has too.
-Helped resolve some concerns with another investigator and will have a baptismal date made this coming week
-Danced with these grandma sisters and saw their faces light up. One of them has Parkinson’s Disease. So it was cool to see how God is aware of these grandmas. Giving them small tender mercies to make life so sweet.
-Our investigator came to church for all 3 hours of church
-It was Hakodate’s ward Conference so I got to see some members from Kotoni and Moiwa Ward because they are in stake callings!! It’s a special feeling to see the people from an area you served in. It’s a humbling feeling.

Quote of the week:
“Happiness here and now consists in freely, lovingly, joyfully acknowledging God’s will for us–and doing it in all ways and all affairs big and small.”


Hannant Shimai has left and gone home.

I’m grateful for this mission! The people of Japan! God loves us all so Personally!

Stay Genki,
Sister Sasaki🌸


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