Week 30: 愛する中塚会長と姉妹



The big present to our mission president.

This week we said goodbye to our beloved mission president and his wife. We will be getting a new one this Saturday. We love the Nakatsukas so much. They have changed me and the way I think about missionary work forever. I know God is pleased with the hard work they put into this mission.
I don’t have too much to say this week but something I’ve been studying a lot about is Christ’s life. He was always an example. He led by example. He didn’t have a loud voice, or commanded people to change. He lead people through His love and never ending service. And I know that , THAT is my purpose as a missionary. To lead by love and to serve willingly. When we do that we have the spirit so much more in our hearts and we are able to teach with so much power. I’m grateful to be a missionary everyday. Even in the struggles of Day to day life. Don’t forget Christ in our trials and hardships. He is there. He is cheering on YOUR team.
 “[He] would do anything to take this from you.” In fact, “[He] already has.” -Carole M. Stephens

Nakagaki and Miyoshi San. Friends who make sukiyaki together, stay together.

Don’t forget those beautiful words. He’s already suffered through our trials.p and hardships. And let us all be that example to others around us. Because that is what Christ did when He was here on this earth.

Because Japan, Sapporo Mission️.

I love you all!
Sister Sasaki

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